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A Different Kind of Podcast

Have you ever had your boss walk into a meeting and proclaim “We need to innovate!” Innovation has become the buzzword of the decade. To create new products and services. To find new customers and markets. To work smarter, not harder. Innovation isn’t optional; it’s an imperative. If you don’t innovate, you’re dead in the water. Many people talk about innovation, but few have done it. So how do you separate the signal from the noise?


When your body calls a time out

It was early February 2017. It had been a stressful morning at work. I was coming back from lunch and walking up the stairs to my third-floor office when I started to feel light-headed. I was out of breath, and my heart was racing. I asked my assistant to come in to my office. She took my pulse and said we needed to call an ambulance.


Thoughts from Normandy

This year marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day. My visit to Normandy was a reminder of the lessons from what has been called the “greatest generation” and what it means to be a person for others.


Life After Being a CEO

In May of 2017, I announced that I was stepping down as Cree’s Chairman and CEO. I’ve since discovered that there is more to life than I would have thought.


From Bagging Groceries to Running a Tech Company: Lessons Learned from My #FirstSevenJobs

Little did I know, my first job (and the six positions that followed) would help shape my core values and how I ran Cree as CEO. The lessons I learned from those jobs have had a lasting impact.


How do big companies keep innovating? They act small.

In the early days at Cree, we had very big goals but with very limited resources. The founders cultivated an environment of small teams, each focused on one part of the problem enabling them to take the risks required to invent new technology. 


Bringing the Jetsons Simplicity to Lighting IoT

Remember The Jetsons? This show served as a great reminder that most people don’t care about how technology works; they just want it to work, and work simply.


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