Innovators on Tap

While researching and writing my book over this past year, I realized that there are many incredible stories that never get told. Stories about amazing people who found ways to innovate in places we don’t often associate with innovation. People more relatable than the rock star technology CEOs we so often hear about. I wanted to find a way to share those lessons in a way that would help others become better leaders and innovators.


I created Innovators on Tap in collaboration with Marquette University's Innovation Alley to tell those stories. On this podcast, I sit down with innovators across a wide variety of fields to dig deep into what truly fuels innovation. The show is not about recipes, but about ingredients and the people who put them together in new ways that solve problems and create value. The show is designed to help you find your innovator’s spirit, to challenge your status quo, make you think about what’s possible, and discover the courage to lead in pursuit of the impossible.

In each episode, I’ll show you real examples of the innovators spirit in action, allowing you to open your mind to new ideas and find ways to put those concepts to work.

Together, we can solve big problems — and maybe even change the world. Join us on this journey.

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